How HESP Started

HESP 1st Meeting

It has always been the desire of Dr. Jose Pepito Amores, program chair of the St. Jude Graduate School Master in Hospital Administration with the MHA students to stay connected with the circle of other healthcare executives for continuous learning and improvement of healthcare management programs.

The earliest preview to the now Healthcare Executives Society of the Philippines (HESP) started with the series of postgraduate courses organized by Dr. Amores in EDSA Shangri-La from 2008.

On 24 October 2008, the maiden event entitled Healthcare Management:  A Practical Approach presented a full complement of speakers from the Department of Health and from the MHA faculty who discussed Controlling Deficits & Improving Financial Viability in Hospital Operations, Healthcare Human Resources Management, and Marketing Your Healthcare Organization.

The 2nd Postgraduate Course entitled Defining the Issues in the Healthcare Institution was no less exciting than the first event.  The program for the 2-day event on 23 & 24 October 2009 featured more healthcare practitioners and addressed issues on Risk Management, Ethics of Hospital Marketing, and Achieving On-Time, On Budget Projects, among others.

29 October 2010 marked the 3rd postgraduate course entitled Current Trends and Issues in Healthcare Management.  Speakers from the healthcare industry and MHA faculty ably discussed a range of topics from Strategic Planning to Healthcare Accreditation.

On 21 October 2011, the 4th postgraduate course with its theme A Well-Managed Healthcare Organization became another hit among the participants.

The style of tackling issues was a clear departure from the straight speeches and open fora.  The speakers provided near to real healthcare issues.  Upon the right signal, the interactive system would solicit and record responses from the audience.  The MHA faculty acted as moderators who gave their analysis and suggested solutions to the case problems.


The evolution of the Healthcare Executives Society of the Philippines (HESP) thus found its way via these postgraduate courses meant for the healthcare executives’ updated knowledge and information on system industry innovations, government legislations, and processes and issues that affect them in their daily management of healthcare services.

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